Hello world!

The Otter Outfitters Co. is very glad to have been able to make it this far with the limit knowledge of all this internet stuff made for keeping in Touch with friends new n old, and customers new or old. We are going to be blogging about what it was that got us into the Start-Up (business) in the first place and how the Start-Up Co. is doing so far. The Touch Wood Brands have been down a long hard road, to get to be the Fantastic Brands that they are now. With design changes, manufacturing difficulties, internet E-Commerce store set-up problems (No Idea or clueless really) Banking financial errors, parts product sourcing, (Nightmares still) Oh and yes the Governments piece of the pie (Taxes) biggest horror stories still yet to come, I’m sure that this will  be the worst part of any business you decide to open. We convince ourselves that being in business for ourselves is going to be a lot of fun exciting times and if you look at it, as just another adventure in your life and keep it that way I think we will all do just fine. Staying Focused in the beginning is the hardest part, simply because there are so many little things to do, it’s OK if your multi-talented but making all of your product samples, displays for the items, photographing them for sites, the list goes on. All I can say is that the Adventure has certainly not been boring one day to the next. Anyhow, I won’t bore you to death at least not all in one blog, so please have a great day or evening where ever you are. Best wishes y’all.


TouchWood Key-Chains & Necklaces

Kind Regards


    Andrew R Thomson


     Otter Outfitters64