Building A Start-Up from the ground up

I’m sill hard at work with WordPress and Woo Commerce setting up an e-commerce store after which making several mistakes with 3 different Co. that all promise drag & drop tech only to find out they do not have a standard size for your Stores Header. I thought that was important, it is only my Co. name after all. Well no hard feelings you have to take some lumps along the way to success. If it was easy everyone would be doing it right. At least now I’ll have more latitude in making decisions for whats good for myself and my business instead of helping build  another Co. business. I read this in a blog (thank you blogs) and didn’t know what to make of it until I emailed my host provider only to find out I couldn’t advertise another site that I would have liked to work with. So needless to say among other things they couldn’t provide I thought I’d give what buddy had said on his blog (I will credit him at a later time) and go it alone, with WordPress & Woo Commerce and wal-la. I’m almost up and running again.Anyways to late and an early morning awaits me Oh the joys of your own business oh how I’ve missed these crazy hours. Luv to Y’all


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