Building a Start-Up from the Ground-Up

Wow who would have known that Hansel & Gretel would have such a profound effect on businesses so many yrs after the story was written. The idea of leaving bread crumbs really didn’t work out for those two simply because they didn’t have the foresight to know, that the little birdies of the forest would get hungry and eat them before Han & Gret, could use them, to guide them back to the beginning of there journey. Talking about foresight, well that’s something, you do really need in business or it really dose help to save a lot of mistakes… Now foresight can only work for you, if you have an inkling to what your needs, wants, directions, & topics, are etc. I know and have learned for example that I need to make all of the web page scanners (Google) aware of my e-store pages, web pages & blog pages, but who could ever have had the foresight to know about bread crumbs, leaving a trail for the web scanners to keep scanning your content with out leaving it for another site, before finishing all of your pages. Now one would assume that if they were going on to a site to scan it, it would scan it in it’s entirety. But Oh that’s not the case, I’ve now been reminded that assume, really dose stand for Ass/U/Me. I recommend and commend the persons making all this info available to us newbies through free e-books in exchange for your email address. So technically it’s not really free because your taking a 99-1% chance that you will probably get bomb boarded with sales pitches for their products, but I personally still think it’s worth it because the info you do get, is well worth it and you meet Co. like Woo commerce and such along the way, which in turn helped out not at that particular time but all the same, I did start to use there services down the road. So in a nut shell Bread Crumbs are not just for casseroles but are used in business also. Have a wonderful day and if your still wondering Yes to the fact that I’m still looking at my Start-Up as a larger then life Adventure.

Kind Regards

Andrew R Thomson at

Otter Outfitters64


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