Building a Start-Up from the Ground-Up

Wow its been a very interesting few days, I’m guessing its Murphy s Law because when it goes wrong, it really goes wrong at least for me it dose because I’m learning this website, e-commerce, and blogging by the seat of my pants. I cant for the life of me figure out why a perfectly good half built site, that your setting up gos all screwy and starts redirecting you to a page that says there’s no server. Oh and yes I did check with my provider Host gator and its all cool at their end. I was also told to empty my cache (Luckily not my pockets) so I did that also. Oh hears a good one, use a proxy service attached to my browser, well isn’t  that a new one. Ive heard of the word Proxy, but no clue as to what it is or what it will do to fix a website that looks like Spaghetti. Anyhow you certainly cant say its not an adventure, well I’m off now to research Proxy servers or at least find someone else who dose know and can explain it to me in the layman’s terms. I d ask you to wish me luck but I make one of the most luckiest product on the market Touch Wood Key-Chains, Necklaces, & Candle Holders, so Ill just reach into my pocket and Touch my Wooden (Now get your mind out of the gutter) Key-Chain. All will be good now that I have a wee bit of the good stuff on my side. I wish you all the best day possible simply because its only half done. Luv Y all.

Kind Regards

Andrew R Thomson


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