Building a Start-Up from the Ground-Up

Well I found out that it was my fault, in getting my eCommerce site to look like spaghetti and not being able to log in. When I was trying to upgrade mapping for my blog so the end of it read .com instead of I put in my eCommerce site name instead of my blog name which are very close in spelling, and now I’m trying to work through the issues  thanks to the good people at WordPress and Host Gator thanks so much guys/girls. I like to mention the people behind the curtains, it absolutely astonishes me the knowledge that IT, Programers, Web Designers, etc. guys/girls have, and the hard work they do in a single day. What an Industry, completely changed the entire world just like the industrial revolution did at the turn of the century.

Humans greatest  achievements where the Oil Barrens, for (Travel)  Industrial Revaluation for (Machinery) Bleach for (Health) World Wide Web for (Internet) wow we should be somewhat proud of our achievements. Considering all of this has taking place in less than 200 yrs. Its just over two peoples lives if they lived into their 90s . In actuality its been hundreds thousands of lives & careers of dedicated people to learning themselves and then educating the next generation so they can improve upon that knowledge, by inventing new and useful things that will propel humans further ahead so that some one else can push it even further into the future.

So where is the future, and who decides where we are going!!! Is it certain individuals, a group of individuals (Free Masons) is it our GOVERNMENTS that guide us in the direction we should go. I do think its their responsibility since they have the title of Governing. What a responsibility to keep all the other humans on the entire planet busy, working, educating, cleaning, healthy, etc. It reminds me of an Ant Hill. Remember poking a stick into the top of the hole, first they send out two or three great big Army Ants to inspect, then they leave only to be replaced with worker Ants that come out to fix up the damage, and if you do it a second time, well then out come even more Army ants and they stay there to watch the workers complete the task but all they are doing is what we humans do instinctively too, keep all things safe and flowing so our society evolves for the next generation . So where is the next step after the internet, it leaves me pondering to think of whats left except peace, world trade to bring up the standards of living so there are equal values for all humans on earth. Why should some have it great and others have starvation. Theres no need for that.  Well just something to ponder I guess.   Have the best day possible. Luv Y all  

Kind Regards

Andrew R Thomson


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