Building a Start-Up from the Ground_Up the Hard Knocks Way

Building a Start-Up from the Ground_Up

The Hard Knocks Way

Wowser man/woman, it never seeks to (absolutely) amaze me, how much Google offers to the public, or businesses just starting out. What an amazing experience it’s been, for the new comers, like myself and others alike that are cash strapped in the beginning stages of a start-up. We all have great idea’s for new products and businesses, then I find out there’s another FREE way to let the public know about these New brands we have just created. Just as we are figuring out our manufacturing measures to launch them, it couldn’t have been any better timing on our part. Here I find Google is willing to hedge their bets on you, (with “Blogger”) your dreams and if and when you succeed they will succeed. What a great trade-off for both parties in my eyes. I Luv the fact that a Corporation as big as Google, still has the faith in others starting out, the same as others had their faith in them, in their beginning stages of It seems like so long ago Google was hardly known and by making some right and wrong decisions they have built a very strong company. They are a good employer and bring the world great innovations at what I would consider a decent price range. We as small business owners can learn a few things from them as owners and employers. Anyways I just wanted to let others in my shoes (small business owner) know to search out all of the resources out there. There are lots of good companies out there, willing to give you some small advances to get you started and on your way. You don’t need 10’s of thousands of dollars to get you started. I’m still under 100 dollars a month for all of my web and e-Commerce services to date and that’s still a struggle at least for now (Hard Knocks Way). As I and I’m sure you will to, get to a size in your sales and production where you will have to turn your on-line services over to the pro’s but in the beginning try to build with as little as you can so you do not have as much debt in the long run. I’m not sure about you guy’s/ gal’s, but I’m in this for the long haul, I want this to expand into a really good Canadian employer and to honestly say feed my pension plan. I’de like to retire in Aruba or anywhere hot, so I can stick my toes in the sand, sip on something with an umbrella in it, and stare off out into the sunset each and every night, while soaking up the sun all day. Anyhow, I hope this gets the word out there that, due diligence is very important all the way through this Start-Up thing. We here at Otter Outfitters would like to wish you all the very best day possible.
                                                                                                                                   Our Kind Regards
                                                                                                                                Andrew R Thomson