Building a Start-Up from the Ground-up The hard knocks way

I’ve always wondered how hard it is to start a business single-handedly. Now I know when people say well my grandfather started out with $96.00 in his pocket when he made it to Canada. They worked extremely hard and must have been tired all the time because I’m exhausted all the time working 6 day weeks from 5:00 am till 1:00-2:00 am most of those nights with a very short nap after dinner if I’m not on at the soup kitchen for dinner hour. I have to believe that no matter how much I work towards my end goal it will it will pay off. I keep looking at all of the things I still need to do and it always looks like an uphill climb with no end in site. I keep telling myself that it’s just an adventure that I chose to accomplish, just one more goal that needs to be achieved that’s all. It just never seems to happen fast enough, though, I have so much purchasing to do, products to put together then the photographing, marketing wowser long way to go. I could take the easy way and just start selling imported items on my site. I have seen the buying and marketing process all my life from my father’s side of things but to me that would defeat my goal of being able to think of and idea, manufacture it as a ready made product and take it to market all by myself, to me that’s an accomplishment worthy of bragging rights, and only few who have done it. Most inventors do not ever succeed so when I do it, I will stand in a small group of men/women that can think of an idea in their head and make it appear for the masses, hopefully in mass quantity. My parents have always been bugging me to do this for yrs now and coaching me along the way for the same amount of time, certainly with not one hand lifted, it’s all been {moral support} all the way, so as we are all getting older I want or should I say I need to prove to them that I’m capable of doing it. This is my biggest driving force also my 20 yr old son needs to learn how in my books, from someone that has achieved it as not to be a hypocrite.  Anyhow very tired must get sleep slee sle.

Our Kind Regards

Andrew R Thomson