The TouchWood-74  Brands

Our TouchWood-74 Brands Are Made From 100% Great Canadian Timber. We use Wind  Rain & storm fallen tree branches in our production facility. My grandfather (George Thomson) called them Wind Fall and used them to heat his cottage style home, back in our home country of Scotland.

We get approximately 15-25 wooden disks per fallen tree branch that we use. I personally select each and every Wind-Fallen Tree Branch, for quality assurances, that we can use in our production facility. These procedures help keep our forests & landscapes clean & healthy for the next generations to come.

I consider myself  lucky that I am able to take the time out of my busy schedule to be in the outdoors, (with all of the fresh air and critters) as I am selecting the tree branches that are needed for the TouchWood-74 brands. I Luv being able to work in the outdoors to help preserve Nature for all the generations that will follow, I believe it to be, the most rewarding part of my Job.

All of the Wooden pieces are handcrafted from renewable resources which will,
in turn, help our environment remain sustainable for many years to come. Each disk is hand selected and sanded until smooth & soft, (just like a babies bottom). Once the sanding process is completed, we will then move the discs on to the lacquering process in which each disk is coated 3 times with a high-quality marine lacquer. The first coat is used as a sealing process and the 2nd their after coats, give the discs our signature High Gloss Finish. We use a marine lacquer so as to protect against minor scratches, water, and UV damage.

The Rings & Chain’s are made from Great USA Steel for all of our applications, they are also nickel and brass plated for extra protection against the elements.  TouchWood-74 products will always fit your attire, no matter what the occasion. Our mission with the TouchWood-74 Key-Chains & Necklaces is to give you a piece of Beautifull Wood  to Carry with you, so that you can Touch It, when you are in need, of a wee bit of Good Karma & Fortune. All of these beautiful products are made from, 100% recyclable materials.

We here at Otter Outfitters Inc. have the environment at the top of our agenda and will never stop looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint, especially when developing new products, for the consumer markets. The TouchWood-74 brand is so New and Trending, that you will be among the very few, that will have the bragging rights over them, for some time to come. TouchWood-74 Key-Chains, Necklaces, Candle & Pen Holders, Walking & Hiking Staffs are fantastic for starting a good conversation with Family, Friends, or Co-workers, maybe around the water cooler, at lunch, or after a hard day’s work. We hope you enjoy your new purchases as much as We All enjoyed Hand Crafting It.

We here at OtterOutfitters Inc. would like to wish You, the Best Day Possible.


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