The one thing I am having a hard time with is when people leave you a message on your business line their not very clear when speaking.So you miss their name or Company name or even worse the purpose of the call. Why should I call them back or should I call them back they are trying to offer me their services and if they would be helping me to improve my own Co. then I would expect 100% professionalism and that includes being awake and conscious that they are on the phone. If they are making calls on behalf of my firm or our promoting my Co. I would want a very clear and auditable message getting out there. It’s funny small things like this never bothered me in my private life as long as I got a hint of who it is I would be satisfied and call them when I had time but now time seems to be in short demand so I seem to question all these small issues now. A small issue can lead to bigger disasters later down the road and lost sales. If you spend all that effort getting a lead and then blow it when leaving a simple message well what a complete waste of Co. time and resources. I’m in the process of building up my leads , so I am very glad I have learned this valuable lesson this early in the game. Anyways thought I’d pass this little Tid-Bit of info along to all those who’s in my shoes of starting a small business on a shoestring, budget.

Our Kindest Regards

Andrew R Thomson