Building a Start-Up from the Ground-Up the Hard Knocks Way#09

We have had our website ( rebuilt and reengineered by a man that has incredible talents that I am so lucky to have found and befriended. I will be forever indebted to him for all of the extra’s he has put on to our site. Now I have the hard and tedious task of doing all of the product photography. I didn’t even give it any consideration about how enormous the task at hand really was until a friend and co-worker said about half way through (1 of many shots to come) that he felt that I possessed a great, deal of patients. I never even thought about it because like anything else I have put my mind to in life, “It has to be done” and if it can be done in-house well for one you save monies that we simply do not have as a new owner and second We are only at our own scheduling mercies. We can also do it in between many other tasks in a day. I usually do not have a problem with any type of photography except, now I’m dealing with very shiny objects like chrome rings & chain, very glossy lacquers and such, these on their own have brought up some extream challenges I’m not too familiar with myself, so where would I suggest you go when your stuck in the mud so to speak. Well my favorite “Fix All” place is YouTube. I haven’t done any photography in around 18 months when I took some rare photos of a butterfly and her mate in my backyard. I’m still stumped by their origin even after placing pics on Facebook yes I know Facebook 1 billion users do not know my butterfly.  YouTube has absolutely mountains of great useful info, you just have to sift through some crazy stuff till you hit the jackpot. For a new small business owner like myself and maybe even yourselves never get discouraged because someone somewhere has been through what you yourself is going through as you read this article. I tip my hat to those YouTubers that just luv posting their video blogs from fixing your car to building a new fish tank, there isn’t any topic that I have typed into YouTube that hasn’t brought up some kind of video on the topic at hand. I believe it’s one of the most underrated, never mentioned, but is the most powerful business tool out there for a new business owner of this decade. I’ll give you all a sneak peek into the our newly designed TouchWood Necklaces about to be launched this coming month on  This is the first of many photo’s that will be used over time on our Newly Designed website. It retails for only $29.95  Our New Necklace cords were developed out of a 2mm parachute cord that will come in many New Fantastic colors  designed & developed for the TouchWood Brands brought to you By The OtterOutfitters. Co.



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