The New TouchWood74 Brands

All of our new specialty colors “Hot Pink” being one of them, were specially developed with our TouchWood74 Necklaces in mind. This new material has such a soft gentle feel to your skin that you will almost forget that you are wearing such a beautiful necklace in the first place. We have added a magnet clasp so that it will break away if the necklace happens to get caught on anything that could potentially hurt any individual wearing it at the time. Safty is on all of our minds when we are developing New Products. These magnet clasps only add to its beauty & charm that your family & friends will envy and wish to own one for themselves. The beads that are used to enhance the necklaces beauty have been coated with a metal-based lacquer so they will stand up to the earth changing environments. We guarantee all of our workmanship on all of the TouchWood74 brands for a Life Time after a purchase has been verified. We have long-standing, customers that have had their TouchWood74 Necklaces for as long as The Otter Outfitters Co. has been in operation, which was opened in May of  2007.



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